Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Into Our Second Year

Well, we're almost into our second year of marriage. I'm a few days early but we're leaving on our big road trip soon!

Some of the highlights have been...

*not having joel take me home every night
*watching joel play with spooner, he's so gentle toward her
*taking walks in the park
*breakfast in bed
*late night movies on the couch
*weekend afternoons at the coffee shop
*reading out loud to each other
*the picnic basket joel bought me
*spending my birthday in the mtns

Of course, there have been hard times but looking back it makes our relationship even better. I feel we'll closer and stronger because of our adversities. (Try telling me that when we're in the middle of a scuff. Ha!)

Our first year has been more than I ever expected it to be-- I've never known anyone who loves their spouse more than Joel does. He's so caring. :)

And now I'm stoked to start our second year!

Friday, July 4, 2008

before and after

After my BIG test in Denver (which I passed! whoot whoot!!!) Joel and I went to Water World!!!! I love that place... so many great memories. Here we are sitting on the lawn eating lunch.

I love the before and after effect of these photos. The day after water world, we got our hair cut. Wow! The difference it makes!!! Here's us with our hair cut.

That just might have the be the christmas card photo of the year. Isn't Joel so hot??? :)